Rise to the Challenge

Aventhel is a land in transition. 1,000 years ago mighty heroes pushed back the evils of the world and ushered in an era of peace and prosperity. It was called the Gilded Age and they were the Golden Heroes. Untold riches were found and powerful wizards crafted wondrous items. The people were prosperous and these Golden Heroes became legends whose stories were told all across Aventhel.

But even the brightest of the Golden Heroes have now faded. Many are dead, some are long retired, and a few have disappeared from the known world all together. Careless, spoiled great grandchildren of the heroes allowed powerful artifacts to fall into evil hands and squandered the wealth of their forefathers.

Now the world faces a new challenge and there is a need for heroes once again. Can you rise to the challenge?

Heroes of the Silver Age

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