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Living Gods

In Aventhel, the Gods walk openly among their people. They eat, they love, and they work.

The people of Aventhel frequently will worship a single main God and ask blessings from the other Gods as necessary. Many will revere the God of their race as their main focus, though an elvish arena champion is more likely to worship Kord than Corellon Larethian.

Here is a list of outside links to the Dieties that currently walk the world of Aventhel.
- Boccob, God of Magic
- Corellon Larethian, God of Elves
- Ehlonna, Goddess of Forests
- Erythnul, God of Hate
- Fharlanghn, God of Horizons
- Garl Glittergold, God of Gnomes
- Gruumsh One-Eye, God of Orcs
- Heironeous, God of Chivalry
- Hextor, God of War
- Kord, God of Sport
- Moradin, God of Dwarves
- Nerull, God of Death
- Obad-Hai, God of Beasts
- Olidammara, God of Revels
- Pelor, God of Sun
- Saint Cuthbert, God of Truth
- Vecna, God of Destructive and Evil Secrets
- Wee Jas, Goddess of Magic
- Yondalla, Goddess of Halflings

Dead Gods

- Dioneysa, Goddess of Fertility

Major Cities

Major cities in Aventhel have a million or more residents. There are very few single race major cities in the world as the people are fairly well mixed. The two exceptions are Dwarves and Elves
Loren-Well, forest home of all Elven born.
{{Doc Moradin]], underground temple to Moradin

Minor Cities

Minor cities in Aventhel have less then 1 million residents. Minor cities are more likely to be homogeneous, but cities along major trade routes are very well mixed.
Ale Sop

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